A Special Level In Breeding Russian Toy's !

Toy's breeding, is not just and only breeding dogs !

I believe in my choice of growing up and of selecting future breeding , despite the high costs , despite the hard work ,

no reason is good enough to be satisfied with less.

With their beautiful appearance and attitude they bring us every day so much joy and admiration!

All we can do is take care of them very well, because they have just us in their life to take care of them, we are everything for them and we have the privilege to be allowed to enjoy their beauty.

In the life that they have we are everything for them.

They are part of our lives, but we are their life.

It is important that we most love and surround them with the best care, day after day.

If you find yourself in our ethics and our vision, you have the privilege to admirer a puppy from us.

Russian Toy's are my passion and I truly love what I do!

Angelika  Tsvetkova.